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Łucja combines mindfulness, corrective bodywork and functional fitness conditioning into the holistic body training method. She promotes a specific approach to physical training that looks at human body as an organic, constantly changing biological structure. The programmes are not designed to tire you out but to make you feel better and function better outside of training sessions. Instead of coaching you to become good in performing fitness drills, she wants to show you how to use bodywork to improve the ways you move during every day activities.

Modern lifestyle is driven by intellectual stimulation and physical activities became increasingly limited for convenience. We can easily develop habits of doing things in repetitive ways, which over time may lead to muscle imbalances, rigidity, aches, and pain. Łucja’s exercises teach you how to pay attention to your body during movement and in rest. You will gain skills to identify your body habits and explore possibilities of how to move in new ways. This way of working improves mobility, facilitates movement without pain, and keeps your body young.

Łucja’s method developed organically as a response to what she experienced and observed in her professional practice. After years of researching various ways of remedial interventions, she prioritises clients’ education as means of improving their own health and maintaining self-sufficiency into ageing.

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  • Improved functional posture and movement capacity
  • Improved body shape and tone
  • Improved balance, stability and mobility
  • Reduced pain and discomfort
  • Reduced risk of injuries
  • Increased ability to exercise without aggravating old injuries
  • Improved recovery from injury
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Immediate relief of daily tension and stress
  • Greater sense of connectedness with your body, improved ability to self-regulate and manage stress
  • Improved mental focus and stamina
  • Greater sense of self-acceptance and contentment in your body
  • Increased understanding of how to keep in good health

About Łucja

Łucja helps people to move better and feel better in their bodies. She is a corrective exercise and functional movement specialist, with over 20 years of experience of working in health and fitness industry. Łucja graduated with first class honours degree in Sport Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention, studied myofascial release, physical therapy interventions, massage, yoga and meditation. She is particularly interested in the positive effects of mindful bodywork on mental wellness.

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Private appointments and group classes

Łucja is based in central London for face-to-face appointments and also teaches online. You can email, message, or use contact form to find about availability and how to book.